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K.I.S.Saltwater Lures

Daryl Soderman

Your Kiss Lure (white head/pink skirt) has become my most valuable trolling bait in my boat. My last two trips boated two dolphin and a 17lb blackfin all hitting that lure in my spread including skirted ballyhoo and feathers lures. Great work... I need to buy a couple more!!!

Daryl Soderman

Steve Schneidman

Steve Schneidman caught an Atlantic Sailfish on the charter boat Triple Time out of Key West on a pink KISSLURE. Click Here to Check It out!

Irynne Mackay

350 lb Blue Marlin caught on a pink Kiss Lure off Hole In the Wall Abaco, Bahamas June 2014 By Irynne Mackay on PISCES. Click Here to see it for Yourself!

William McGough

60th International Billfish Tournament Club Nautico De San Juan September 15th -21st 2013 3rd place International Angler Using KISSLURES.
- kisslures@comcast.net

John the Buddha Mullana

I caught dolphin off the south jersey coast using a kiss lure that was bought at Gibson's in Sea Ile N.J. I'm going to try it for stripers is fall. I will let you know how it does.

John Bush

John Bush caught a 53 lb kingfish in South Carolina 7/13/05. Any questions please e-mail John at, john.bush@stockyardspacking.com.

Mike G.

We recently used K.I.S.Saltwater Lure in a tournament in the Keys and caught some nice fish. They leave a "smoke trail" behind them like jumping bait. They work very well especially if you want to troll close in on a weed line. They are virtually weedless and save a lot of time checking and cleaning lines.

Dean Colson

I have being using various colored KISS lures for the past couple of years for both recreational and tournament fishing. I have caught dolphin, cobia, kingfish, wahoo, barracuda, bonito, tuna and sailfish on these lures. What makes these lures so attractive to use is that they "throw off the right amount of smoke" behind them when they are trolled. They are also very easy lures to troll as they do not collect seaweed when they are trolled. This is key especially when fishing heavy weed lines for dolphin. These lures have been proven fish raisers for me in both South Florida and the Bahamas.

Mike Bonner

Kiss Lures are one of my favorite lures and are always used in my trolling pattern. I have had great success with Dolphin, Tuna, and Wahoo using Kiss Lures, with Pink being my favorite! They are the best Lures that I have ever used in scattered weed. Finally, we just placed fifth out of 39 boats and second in the calcutta in a Dolphin tournament using pink Kiss Lures. I highly recommend you give them a try!!